Student representation in TRAL's council

Students have a strong representation on TRAL's decision-making. There are five student members in TRAL's council.

The council is the highest decision-making body in TRAL, with a total of 35 members. 30 members will be elected by a poll. Five student members are elected by TROL.

Council's student representation during 2017-2020 term:

Tero Tirkkonen (Council's vice-chairperson)

Pekka Hovi

Janita Huopana

Salla Natunen

Eemeli Rajala

What does the council do?

  • the highest decision-making body
  • 30 members ja 5 student members
  • verify strategic lines, handle budgets and action plans
  • elects chairman and vice chairman among themselves in their organization meeting (August 2017)
  • elects a board for TRAL in their organization meeting (August 2017)
  • is elected every three years by electrical membership election
  • the council elections uses proportional voting
  • the student members are elected by TROL
  • the term is three years, there are meetings twice a year

You can apply, whether you are in the beginning or closer to the end of your studies. If you have views and opinions on organizational work, labor market or development, and the desire to develop TRAL's work, get involved. The council may have an influence on the activities of TRAL in a holistic way! The application platform will open again after three years.