The goal of all of our lobbying activities is to strengthen BBA students’ knowledge about employment, spreading the knowledge about our degree and supporting qualitative employment of our members.

One part of our lobbying activities is taking part in discussion about educational policies. Key-points in this discussion are the quality of the education, the equality of our students across Finland and the right amount of educated BBA’s yearly. These are the things trough which we can influence the quality of employment of our members after graduation.

Building the foundation for an identity of a Professional Business Graduate starts already in school. It’s important that our members know their value and search for the jobs that they are qualified for. The identity of professional is build through common activities, events and actively making our degree known in labor market. This task we are fulfilling as individuals and together through TROL.

When we are proud of our own expertise that we have gotten through our education, the working life will also realize our value and potential!
Active members of our local branches get training to organizational and performing skills as well working life knowledge.