Recommend our membership

It is worth recommending our black membership, for each new black level member, you will get yourself a prize.

When your student friend joins as a black-level member, you will receive a membership award at your choice for each new member:

  • S-groups gift card (20 €, can be used in every S-groups stores) or
  • Super gift card (20 €, can be exchanged to several other stores gift cards, for instance Lippupalvelu, Suomalainen kirjakauppa, fashion and decoration stores and free-time services).

The membership award is sent to the recommendator when the new member has paid their first membership fee.

How do you recommend a membership?

Recommend a membership via this page.

Why should I reaommend a membership?

Black-level membership will provide better protection for the working life. In addition to the silver and gold levels, benefits include unemployment protection and comprehensive counseling services. The black level membership fee is 114 euros per year. The membership fee is also tax deductible in its entirety.


1.    Membership campaign is valid for the time being.
2.    Membership recommendation prizes can be awarded to each silver and gold member. A new member to be recruited must join a black membership.
3.    The prize is sent when the new member has paid their first membership fee and this is verifiable from our membership register.

4.    Student members may recruit graduated BBA's to TRAL's membership on the same terms as the actual members of TRAL.

More information:
Tomi Kouva, palvelu- ja kehitysjohtaja