Attention BBA-student! Become a member of the National union of BBA students TROL ry! As a member you gain access to many services and benefits useful in student- and career life and also free time, alike!

There are three different membership levels for BBA students to choose from.

Gold-level is a good level to join when you are starting your studies. It includes all our basic member benefits as well as different insurances and personal career counseling. The price of the Gold-membership is 19 € / year.

When you have gotten forward in your studies and started working as well, you should update your membership to Black-level. This level includes all the benefits from the Gold-level and unemployment insurance. The price of Black-membership is 94 €/ year and it’s completely applicable for tax deduction.

We also have Silver membership, that only has the basic benefits. Silver membership is valid for 1.5 years after which you lose your benefits.

Read more about our member benefits here! (in finnish)

When you graduate

When you have joined our union, you have given us your estimated date of graduation. If your studies continue over this date, you can change this date in our online service. When you graduate, all your student-member benefits end and you can switch your membership to TRAL membership. TRAL is the only union in Finland focusing exclusively on improving BBA`s value in the labor market. Along with the collective lobbying they offer personalized
services to our members in work related and career issues.

Remember, that if you change to TRAL membership while still being a student member, you can get -50% off the price of the membership for half a year with certain restrictions.

How do I become a member?

You can join our union by downloading and printing our membership forms, fill it out and send it to us ( all fees paid by us).

We also have an online form, but it’s only in Finnish at this moment. sähköinen liittymislomakke.