Memberservices creating more value20.12.2018

The year is coming to an end and traditionally it’s good to look back on the year we’ve had and what we’ve offered to our members.

TROL’s theme for 2018 took a strong look at our members and how we could develop the services we provide for them. This was no coincidence, but a realisation of how little we were concentrating on member service as a whole. Since january we have actively tried to find solutions. With the help of TRAL we wanted to develop member services, having the members in mind. What’s the point of having service, if no one uses it?

During the year we have put our focus on communicating about our services, so that our members know and use them in their professional development and in securing their worklife even while studying. Another priority for this year has been educating our local branches, because they are the ones that contact members directly and can give the best advice.

The best part has been definately to see our local branches telling about our services more and with a personalized tone. And with that said, we have together managed to make TROL a union that thinks more about the members, which is a very good start. We hope that TROL grows even better as time goes by and that our members will be even more at the center of what we do.