Introducing the board of 2019!24.1.2019

In November we held our union’s general meeting in Seinäjoki. Anssi Nissinen acted as the meetings chairperson and he was also the vice-chairperson of TROL’s board in 2016. Many great decisions were made including the selection of this year’s board! Here is a brief introduction of each board member!

Kaisu Hilska, Chairperson

Hi there! I am the chairperson of The National Union of BBA Students - TROL ry in 2019. Currently I am finishing my thesis in Helsinki at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, where I'm studying in the Business Degree Program. My local student active background in TROL-field has been in Talko ry, where I have acted as an event coordinator in 2016 and as a chairperson one year after that. Last year I've been the vice chairperson of TROL and my regional responsibility has been Western Finland. There are also other types of student active positions I have been a part of: tutoring, head tutoring, Representative Council, Central Election Committee etc.

Random fact: I could mention about myself is that last autumn's TROL-association's training I came up with a new dance movement called "dodging stinging nettles in the woods".

Veera Nyfors, Vice Chairperson

Hi! I’m 24-year-old business administration student and a treasurer of Student Association Trade from Turku. I have been around of positions of trust for a couple of years now, mostly with student unions. Last year I was a member of a board in Student Union – TUO, where I was in charge of tutoring and international matters. After that I have been in representative body as a leader of BBA students, chairperson of an economic committee and a member of election committee. Last year, I have also worked for the same Student Union as an adviser within promotion of interests and educational development.

Random fact: My absolute favorite things are hedgehogs and videos of them. I consider hedgehog to be my spirit animal.

Aleksi Kallionpää,Tradenologia and events

Hi! I'm 23 years old BBA-student from Tampere. This is my third year as a BBA-student in TAMK and I've been in the Tampere BBA-students organization, TTO ry, for two years. In my first year, I acted as an entertainment manager and in 2018 acted as a chair of the board. The coming term will be a new challenge for me as I start my first in the board of the union.

Random fact: As a true native of Tampere I am a huge hockey fan. I try to spend most of my spare time on ice or watching my favourite team, Tappara. But to be honest, mostly I just try to keep my girlfriend and her cute little dog as happy as I can.

Iiro Rauhala, Lobbying

Hi, I'm a 22-year-old BBA-student from Turku, Finland. My previous experience includes a year as a member of the board at Trade ry. I have also been a tutor for the first-year students.

Random fact: I can't navigate in Helsinki at all, but I know precisely where Käpylä is. 

Tua Rope, Lobbying

Hello! I’m 23 years old BBA student from Espoo. I’m a third year student from Haaga-Helia and specializing in HRM & leadership. The student active field took me once and good and during last year I’ve been a member of the board of BBA Student association Talko ry with the responsibility of educational matters and social policies. In addition, I’m also a member of representative council of Haaga-Helia’s Student Union Helga. As you can notice from my background, it’s clear that advocacy matters are very close to my heart. I can’t wait what the next year will bring for the board of TROL. See you and remember to say hi!

Random fact : My favourite hobby during the summers is collecting fourleaf clovers and containing them.

Monica Koskinen, Communications

Hello! I am 24-year old BBA-student from Eastern Finland, Kuopio. In addition to my entrepreneurial studies, I have operated in my local union, Kuopion Tradenomiopiskelijat ry. From march to december in 2017, I acted in board of KuoTra as a member responsible and vice-chairperson. Inspired by this, I sought for and also was elected as a Chairperson of the union in 2018. Last year, I also acted as a member of representative council in Savonia’s Student Union SAVOTTA.

Random fact: Although i’ve lived in Kuopio for 4 years now, I have not fully managed to get a hold of Savo's dialect.

Sami Juntunen, Members

Hi! I am studying International Sales in Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Kuopio. Last year I acted as a member services associate in Kuopio's Business Administration Student Association. I’m also a tutor for our freshmen students and exchange students.

Random fact: I like bouldering!

Miika Hiltunen, Member service

Hello! I am from Kuopio, where I’m studying at Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Now I’m finishing touches away from graduating as a Bachelor of Business Administration, specialized in sales and marketing. I started my association career two years ago at our local BBA student association, KuoTra (Kuopio BBA Student Association), where my responsibilities have included tutoring, lobbying and international issues. At local level I also have been Chairman of our Student Union (SAVOTTA). I’ve also had a chance to work nationwide, as I have been part of TROLs board in 2018.

Random fact: As a footballer, I have extremely bright future behind me.