Greetings from regional actives seminar!27.9.2018

The Union of Professional Business Graduates in Finland (TRAL) invite first time The National Union of BBA Students - TROL ry’s chairmen to their regional actives seminar this year. Seminar day in Hotel Ilves in Tampere were full of good and active conversations, and offer lots of new ideas to participant. During the seminar going trough e.g. students’ membership levels and its improvement, and memberships continuation all the way from beginning of the studies to Full Membership after graduation.

TROL has made possible meetings between local associations in different meetings a long time and the first time have a chance to sit down with TRAL’s actives too. Possibilities to common conversations is seen important to change ideas and solve problems. One of Seminar’s meaning were to bring students closer to TRAL’s agency, that there could be more cooperation with them too.  


TROL has local associations almost in every city that offers BBA education. In graduate’s side there were only a few associations: in Helsinki area, Tampere, Turku and Oulu. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t any activities, or could be organized in other places too. TRAL has local networks, whom organized different events by own, or with local student associations. Network activity is also easy to start, or involve to active network isn’t hard either. It is more informal than than be part of an association, so no needed to wait general meeting.

Cooperation concerning events is seen already in The BBA weeks in some cities. Events could be e.g. seminars, trainings or informal After Works. So there isn’t any specific event that has to be organized. You can think what kind of event would interest You. Next years BBA week would include the event that is your idea. So if you want some events to graduated in your locality, contact to Anna Sirviö-Hautala who is TRAL’s specialist and responsibility of local networks. You can contact also your local TROL association, they can lead you to right place if necessary.

Besides cooperation in seminar considered also TROL’s future. Even there is several months left this year, this year’s board has turned some of the thoughts to future. The discussion about TROL’s activity and its development target was hot with the participant, and the board wants to listen to local actors while planning up year’s direction. This will ensure that we can better respond to the needs of our members by being supportive and assisting local associations. The results of the seminar discussion will be utilized in this weekend, when the board gather to prepare for the upcoming year.