BBA-weeks encouraging to network.28.10.2018

By the arrival of fall and new students TRAL and TROL will organize national BBA Weeks, which in
the current form were organized second time in 24.9.-7.10.2018. During the weeks TRALs and
TROLs local associations and networks will organize various events and escapades locally and

Even the interest is to develop the knowledge or TRALs membership services, local associations
and encourage members to network both locally and nationally during the year, was the goal of
BBA Weeks to promote those interests. Final result was that thousands of people attended events
in various cities!

Personally, I have enjoyed seeing, how associations and networks all around Finland took apart on
vision of BBA Weeks. I was privileged with opportunity to visit all kinds of events, see different
kind of stands and also had chance for networking at After Work events.

There was plenty of range in events, from after works and seminars to annual balls and different
types of trainings. We had huge nationwide spotlight from amazing, different types of social media
escapades. Like last year, once again BBA Weeks were crowned with Tradenologia, which was
hosted at Oulu, between 4.10.-6.10., and at the Fridays afterparty there was over 900 student-
minded people from all parts of Finland!

This year Tradenologia celebrated its 15 th birthday and during that time Logia has accomplished a
place in many students fall semesters spectacle. This year participants had to investigate new
crime wave, after bike cartel overtook the city. We had over 130 teams ranging between 4 to 6
investigators hunting cartel around the city from all around Finland. At the 3 best investigator
teams had final checkpoint at the stage of Ilona!

Miika Hiltunen

Deputy board member, member service

045 870 7463

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Regional responsibility: Linkki, Klato, LapTOp, HePo.